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AH03 / AH04 Airbag igniter/windshield adhesive recall

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There was an airbag recall before that affected a small batch but now there is yet another. Number of units isn't present from the source that I got the information from but nonetheless, it always helps to call the dealer and check in if you haven't received anything .

All Porsche 718 models (Boxster, Boxster S, Cayman, and Cayman S) have the potential to be affected by the airbag ingiter recall.

As well as 21 Boxster and Boxster S models could be impacted by a windshield recall. The windshield could pop out in the event of an accident due to adhesive issues.

The number to contact Porsche with in regards to the recall would be 800-767-7243.

Recall numbers are AH03 for the igniter issue and AH04 for the windshield.
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