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Air Filter Change... What a wonderful experience!

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...that new sucking sound is intoxicating!
Ross Perot begs to differ. 馃槺
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Hopefully, you are certain that bolt will not find its way into the engine.

Had a friend who had the carbs off of a Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet (Pinin Farina) for cleaning and thought he had accidentally dropped a very small washer () into the engine. Joe spent the better part of the next day trying to extract (using a vacuum, magnets, dental picks, etc.) the wayward washer, but to no avail.

Finally, he thought (hoped & wished) it was possible the washer had fallen elsewhere. So, instead of pulling heads, he reinstalled the carbs, cranked up the engine, and wallah...bent valves and the beginning of the end of Joe's professional auto mechanic career.

Best of luck with your bolt!
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Did this happen in St. Louis? A fellow autocross competitor had this happen to his street car. He looked and looked and finally crossed his fingers and started his Ferrari. Yep.............. thousands in engine rebuild costs.
Houston TX...circa 1981.

Most likely an extremely rare occuring scenario...excruciatingly painful none the less :cry:
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