Hello all. I am able to source these again, but this time I was able to get the entire airbag cover, which includes the trim ring, cover, and Porsche crest, which can be used as a hat pin or painted to replace the one on your steering wheel. The main purpose is to replace the Silver trim ring on the airbag, but some have bought these as a decorative item to put on their desk, etc.. Anyway, I will paint them in Satin Black, as I have done on my last 2 P-cars, or you can paint it yourself. It is easy to replace and I will post instructions for those that are not aware of how to do it; however, the airbag does not need to be taken apart! And one can do it while it is still in the car. I attached pics of what you will get and what mine looks like painted. In my last car, which many have seen, I painted it Miami Blue. I am doing this to help out those that wanted these in the past so I am not making any money: $100 shipped in the US for unpainted and add $10 and I will paint it Satin Black, which I did in my car, but you are welcome to paint it any color you desire - mine was Miami Blue in my last P-car, a Targa GTS. I will ship them anywhere for what the actual cost of shipping is. And here is my email if you want one: [email protected]

Pics of what one will get and what mine looks like are attached:

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