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Any option to drive in normal mode

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Without the PDK short shifting into 7th gear? It's nice to have a quieter experience but I hate the fact the PDK up shifts into 7th and the engine lugs. I know I can go into manual. Any other options!
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It is an odd feeling to have a sport car shifting up to the highest gear so early.
But i cant see that Porsche allows it to be bad for the Engine/turbo like lugging.
It will shift down when needed.

You can also let it be in Auto up to 6 gear then flip the stick to the left for manual mode.
I did some testing today in Normal mode, around 55 mph and in seventh gear.
Press the throttle a bit and at the same sec the boost goes over 1,4psi it goes down to sixth gear.
I did the same thing at 65 mpg and a little more boost is allowed before it shifts, around 2,9psi
All was done with a very sensitive foot, press it a bit harder and it shifts immediately.

Thats not lugging if you ask me :)
Agreed. Every car I've managed to lug (most, as I've been a manual driver for over 50 years) started to 'ping' as soon as the accelerator was pressed. The PDK has never done this.

I wonder if the feel of 'lugging' is just the interpretation of the normal vibration of the engine below 2000 rpm.

I guess your right, my first drive in a 718 felt odd to say the least but after i bought the first one it took a week or two the i was used to it.
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I don't mean lugging in the usual classic literal sense. Just that it upshifts too quickly in the normal mode and the revs are too low for the speed. My GT350 has 6 gears and I never use 6th gear. I can see cruising on an interstate at 75mph and seeing 6th in the Shelby or 7th in the Cayman, but I never drive either of those cars in that type of setting. I primarily drive the cars on two lane country roads where the limits are 50-55 mph and the top gears are too much for either car at those speeds in my opinion.
My daily driver/grocery getter is a 17 Chrysler Pacifica with a V6 and 9 speed trans. The van has a very well thought out shift map and starts in 2nd gear unless you floor it from a stop it'll never use 1st. It too short shifts and keeps the revs very low, 1500 rpm or even lower at some times. Accelerating up to the 50-55 mph speeds common around here it will use maybe 6 of the speeds and settle into 7th at a steady state at 55. It'll shift into 8th gear at typical freeway speeds but I don't think it's ever gone to its 9th gear. The engine torque and the trans logarithm in the van are very good and it's a very pleasant and quiet vehicle and never feels lacking for torque or responsiveness.

I guess I was just hopeful there was some way to personalize the Caymans individual mode to utilize the shifting of sport mode along with the exhaust quietness of the normal mode. I drive the Cayman in sport mode most of the time and I love the shift mapping, just wish it were a little quieter in sport mode.
I have locked my PSE so its always open and done the 981 mod on the exhaust and i still drive mostly in Sport, and i am always in manual mode.
*Noisy boy*
Normal mode is like for fuel saving caused by the regulations.
The only time i use auto mode is in Sport+ but i do the upshifts since i think it shifts to late.
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