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Any questions for our Freunde in Zuffenhausen?

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I’m taking European Delivery of a Cayman next week. Let me know if there is anything you’d like me to ask while I’m there (in addition to the ever-popular topic of the break-in period).
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Dash lights on or off, IMO, the gray face/matte white tach of the S is indefensible. Particularly as there is an inordinate amount of reflections off the covers. For over half a century, Porsche has placed the tach as the largest dial in the center of the gauge cluster as, agree or disagree, it has been viewed as the most valued and therefore used instrument. Perhaps they persist simply out of tradition, much as with the LeMans key... but if you're going to make it your centerpiece of the stack it has to at least be readable. Instrumentation has always been well thought out. I find this very unPorsche-like.

I personally love the tach in the middle - it is the only thing you really need when driving the car. So it naturally takes center stage. As for the gray color - I've never had an issue with it. It stands out compared to the other two dials, and again it should. At night it fades to black and you just see the numbers and the needle.

So my 2 cents is I love it and hope they never change it. It is another way these cars are special compared to every other car out there that has two dials - speedo on the left and tach on the right.
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