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Anybody tint the windows?

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Did anyone tint the glass? To what color and how does it look?

Mine is a Boxcster with Miami Blue color. Its a GTS so the lights and wheels are all black.
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Looking for a good recommendation for installer in SoCal - and what did others pay? Also what is the law in SoCal as in regards to tinting? Got a 718 Boxster in Chalk and in the desert so i really need this! like the sound and look of 3M
G5 Tint Shop in Alhambra. They quoted me $850 for Cayman including windshield. Crystalline sheets. I personally used them before and they did a good job.

Southbay Tinting in Torrance. $870 for the same thing. I will use them in a few weeks, since they are closer to my house.

Both of them are 3M Premier Elite installers.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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