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Anyone have a Covercraft Car Cover?

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I am going to have to store my Cayman in a custom car storage garage for a few months while we finish designing and constructing a new garage. They require a car cover. I have a NOAH cover for my no-longer-owned E92 BMW (for sale cheap!) but I am looking for something lighter and more compact.

Anyone have experience with the Covercraft WeatherShield HP Car Cover or Covercraft Fleeced or Dustop covers? I might also just go with the indoor or outdoor Porsche cover from Suncoast. Yes, I know, the paint must be clean before putting the cover on - the garage has full washing and detailing facilities available for customers to use.
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The Porsche OEM cover is a high quality cover that fits like a glove. Used it on my 2 month when away on vacation and the CS was immaculate when I got home.
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I have the Covercraft fleeced full cotton cover. It's fantastic for indoor use. It's super soft, and it's done a great job of not scratching the car, even if the car was not perfectly clean.
Cost? I see prices @ around $250 close the the cost of the OEM cover. If you found a better price please post link.
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