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Anyone Painted Plastic Exterior Trim Before?

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Has anyone ever painted the black plastic exterior trim the comes on the car?

My GTS has the generic black rear defuser but I am looking to paint it to be two tone as shown below. (I believe it also looks like this when configured in a certain way from the factory). Clearly I wouldn't get the high gloss on the rest of it but I would love to hear anyones experience on this.


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I'm sure there's info out there in the wild. I ordered side intakes from Bumperplugs. They paint the OEM intakes as I sure Porsche does as well. So it can be done and done well. Bumperplugs says they use the same 12 step process Porsche does. The vents they sent match the car perfectly. Maybe you can find a body shop that can do it for a reasonable price.
Yes. I have painted plastic trim.

The rough finish can be wet sanded smooth.
Then you need primer suitable for plastic with flex agent.
The finish coat also needs a flex agent.
There are some shops out there that will do this, but most don't want to be bothered to take it on

Can't find any exterior shots right now but here is some interior plastic work that I did on a previous car.
basic principle is very similar

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Nice work!
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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