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Anyone see an issue with running 245/40/19 front and 285/35/19 rear for the track?

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This is the only fitment other than stock that seems to be available in the RE-71Rs. I have lots of trouble with rear traction on the 265s on track - I think 265 is not enough tire for the torque the car puts out and I've heard of people running into issues with 255s on the front and so 295s are probably out as 295/245 seems to be a bit much stagger and I think the car will understeer a lot with that.

I have PASM -20MM and will be installing camber plates.

Maybe I'm overthinking this. There's just not a lot of information out there on good tire fitments for our cars and a lot of people are discussing track fitments in 18 - I am looking to use stock 19" cayman wheels.
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You don’t need to change away from the 265. It is more than enough. Also, you can get - 1,5 negative camber just by using the available adjustment in the oval holes of the front top mount. We’re tracking one with these numbers and it is like a go cart on rails. Seems like all you need to start with is help with a good alignment. Then, if you want to move on from there, contact Tarett Engineering or a simular business that specializes in chassis parts and set up. Too many cooks out there guesstimating etc., and too important of an issue to listen to a non professional. After all, you’re talking about the handling of a car at high speed ? That’s my two cents.
I'm running the Tarett plates now. I ran both at COTA and a tighter circuit. The 2.5 degrees the plates allow is about perfect, IMO. No twitchiness at high speed at COTA, no excessive inner wear, great turn in.

265s aren't enough on tight circuits, they're not able to adequately put the power down with the amount of torque our engines make, even running RE-71s. I *want* to get on the power a lot earlier than I can, lots of step out under power.
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