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Apple CarPlay and the PCM

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In my 2017 Ram Limited, Apple CarPlay only allows for making calls, receiving calls, dictating texts and receiving and reading texts. I also cannot use any apps or the map on my phone. It does not have a graphic interface such as it does in my Boxster. However it does link up to my phone via bluetooth. That doesn't appear to be the case with Porsche. I have to tether the phone with a usb and also unlock the phone or CarPlay will not work. I find this somewhat odd and inconvenient. I could see this would be necessary for mirroring the phone screen, but the PCM obviously has some sort of native CarPlay OS, so a bluetooth connection should work.

Does anyone know a reason for why CarPlay works the way it does in a Porsche?

Oh can someone explain how I can map the steering wheel button to change tracks when using either a USB or my phone as the source? Can't seem to find that in the manual.
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I don't have the buttons on the wheel, but I do know (and the car manual points out) that when a phone is connected to the car, bluetooth is unavailable. I think this is a safety issue in the sense that using a single phone is considered dubious by some safety experts, so using two phones would be beyond the pale! I use Google Maps on my CarPlay and Siri for initiating calls. I also have a dedicated (well used) iPhone for the car that just stays hooked up. I turn the iPhone completely off when I exit the car for more than a day, when I get back in, the iPhone automatically starts up (I've checked by opening the arm rest and I see the little white apple on black screen) but you do have to enter your PIN to allow it to connect to CarPlay on the PCM. I think when CarPlay is active, all "phone" functions are limited to the PCM and one would think the buttons on the wheel. BTW, I can use CarPlay and select the Jukebox for music via the Source button. I recommend downloading the Porsche Good to Know app, because the online manual seems to be a little wonky these days, although I just checked and it seems OK.
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