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So, ever since Arctic Grey became available in the 2023 718 configurator and seeing quite a lot of non-Porsche cars with Chalk/Crayonish color on the streets this year, im considering switching my order from Chalk to Arctic Grey. Since there are no non-RS caymans with this color in the wild yet, i played a bit with photoshop on a GT4RS photo.

Changed front bumper to GTS, changed main air intake, changed carbon air intake to rear window, changed wheels to GTS.

Dont mind my basic photoshop skills, but i find the end result good enough to see how normal caymans look in this color.

Black wheels (with RS rear bumper)
View attachment 44781

Black wheels (with GTS-ish rear bumper)
View attachment 44782

Platinum wheels (with RS rear bumper)
View attachment 44783

Anyway, i hope someone gets a CGTS delivered soon with this color and posts some real pictures.

Let me know what you think or if you have maybe seen Cayenne GT with this color!
If I were nit-picking I would say the brake caliper is on the wrong side on the rear wheel (its also too big but I realise there are limits!), but this confirms to me that with this grey, black wheels are not the way to go. And I had no trouble configuring one on the UK site:

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