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Auto Evolution - Too Expensive ?

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Auto Evolution has posted a review by Consumer Reports but they started with their opinion that they found it was too expensive. They have no problem with the downsizing of engine over the old Boxster but they feel like Porsche should have downsized the price as well instead of adding $5k.

They also make the ye-ol' comparison to it sounding like a WRX.

Take a look over and let me know what you think ?

Porsche 718 Boxster Review by Consumer Reports Ends With Ridiculous Price - autoevolution
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But that's for a fully loaded $80,000 and not everyone is going to order one with everything. Also, automatic gearboxes usually cost more so the same would apply to the Boxster and it is proportionate to the base model.
Funny, let's complain about the cost of a $70k Boxster with PDK (which the writer says he wouldn't buy). With the comparison to Honda, and Subaru it seem his problem is with the price. Then he says that he would try to find an older GT4.

He obviously has not looked at the prices of an older GT4.
I'm pretty sure it's all just down to his bias on it. He probably just needed to find things to knit-pick and complain about to get an article out lol. The Honda reference made no sense to me at all.
It is interesting that people say Porsche should not have raised the price of the 718. If you look at what you get in just performance, a 718 base has about the same performance as the 981S yet costs $7,000 less. I am surprised they didn't raise the price more.
The new Alpine from Renault is more likely to be a fair comparison soon though it starts at between 68 - 77K :) 0-62 in 4.5secs and is a 4cyl mid engine.

I thought long before signing on the order myself (718 boxster) but in the end I couldn't find any equally appealing rivals.
In addition the depreciation of the Honda/Subarus etc etc is fairly stiff, where the Porsche looses much less.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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