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AUX or not, Standard on your cars?

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Is AUX standard or not?

My 2019 Cayman T doesn't have AUX at all. I have Apple Carplay with 2 USB.

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What conditions must exist for an AUX port to be present?
I just saw the AUX in the Porsche owners manual and thought that it was an AUX input in the glovebox.
I think Dave92101 has right about the AUX, that if you got Apple CarPlay you don't get any AUX port, I have no idea.
So if you get CarPlay, you have armrest USB to feed CarPlay, plus glove box USB that only provides charging?
I just went out to the garage to verify that if I plug my iPhone into the glovebox USB port, the device will appear with the other sources (FM, AM, Jukebox, SiriusXM) and is labeled as iPod. I'm not sure what an Android phone or other MP3 device would be labeled. Use the Sources button next to the Volume control to see the source choices. I can see where using this port this could be handy if a passenger wanted to charge their phone and/or play their music.

I used to use the glovebox USB port in my 981 BS with an older iPod I had and it worked just fine. BTW, that USB does charge the device too.

Maybe someone that doesn't have CarPlay could chime in and let us know if the console armrest cubby has a USB and if so, how it functions. If it exists I'd guess that it would work like the one in the glovebox.

Not sure why some models/options might have the 1/8" or 3.5 mm AUX audio input though. Maybe only the standard base stereo (not Bose or Burmester)? I dunno.
Thank you for all the detail!

I am curious... can someone w/ CarPlay try plugging 1st iPhone into armrest and 2nd iPhone into glove box? What then appears in sources? Two different iPhone/iPod options to choose, while armrest one can also operate CarPlay?
I connected an iPhone to each of the two USB ports and they showed up in Sources as iPod 1 and iPod 2.

I also tested connecting an iPhone to the armrest USB and in the dialog box selected to use it for CarPlay (not as an iPod), then the glovebox phone showed up as iPod.

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Awesome! Thank you, Dave!
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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