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I've had my 718 Boxster nearly 3 months now and have now done 1500 miles so getting close to the point where I can start to unleash all the horses and see what it can really do performance wise. We've also got a 2.7 981 Cayman which is my wife's car and I rarely drive it but if I do I'm usually on my own to fully enjoy it. I think I've written elsewhere that I think the 718 is generally a much more complete car than the 981 which shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone on here. The key advantage the 981 has (as we all know and are all now completely bored hearing yet again) is the sound from that flat 6 especially with PSE switched on.

Now I know, you know and I think we generally agree that its not that the F4 sounds bad it just doesn't sound quite as good as the F6. Parking that for a moment, my wife drove the 718 for the first time yesterday and when she got back I asked her for her thoughts. "Well its a lot quicker than mine" she said, "and much more responsive as well when you press the accelerator. It feels firmer as well but not in an uncomfortable way" (this could be down to 20" wheels on the 718 as opposed to 19"s on the 981). "But" she said, "I didn't like the sound of the exhaust as much as mine so I found a solution to that". What was that I asked? "I just turned the stereo up."

So there you have it, if you have or are thinking of getting a 718 F4 and you want an alternative sound track to your exhaust, just turn your stereo up, simples :cool:
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