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Boost Fluctuations and Inconsistent Power

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Lately I had been noticing sometimes when I floor it the car feels sluggish compared to other times. For instance even flooring it back to back from same RPM, one time the car picks up quick and hard, the next time it picks up noticeable slower and then again will pick up quick and hard after that. All within a few seconds of each other, same RPM, same conditions. I don't believe this could be caused by intercooler heat soak because it is not consistently getting worse the harder I drive the car. When I started paying attention to the boost gauge it confirmed what I was feeling. The times it felt slower it was only running 12 PSI or so at an RPM it normally should be at 17 or 18. I also noticed sometimes it would jump all over the place and I would feel the car noticeably gain/lose power accordingly, while other times it would hold pressure smoothly. I attached a very short video demonstrating the what I am talking about. I was in Sport+ the entire time and any time I start to accelerate my foot is flat on the floor. I know it looks like I'm giving partial throttle since boost pressure jumps around but Im floored. Also as you can see this was filmed at 70 degrees so not particularly hot weather to give the car a reason to pull boost pressure. I am running 93 fuel and this has been an ongoing issue over multiple tanks. I have a hard time believing the car should be so inconsistent with the boost levels and power by design, but I feel like if i take it to the dealer they are going to shrug it off and say it seems fine. The car runs perfectly other than this. Note in the video the first few runs how differently boost builds compared to the last one.
Has anyone else noticed their car behaving in a similar way?

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I can’t see the issue in your video, sorry. I watched it twice and all I could see was a steady increase of the RPM’s between 3000 and 4000. Whatever the turbo boost tells you in the gauges I think the information is not precise or lags.

My recommendation would be to stop the time it takes to accelerate between 3k and 4k rpm. do it several times so you get a reference value.
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