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I hv a 718 cayman with Porsche Entry & Drive option. When washing the car, the water from the hose will cause the front and back luggage compartment cover to open ... Anyone hv a good trick to overcome this? TIA!

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Ahhhh!! Silly me .. Thnx for for the quick advise!!!
Dennis, spring for a Faraday pouch. Not only is it handy for washing the car, but if you ever want to easily remove the key stub (for substituting the actual key for valet parking, or parking in a public place and you are concerned someone may think the key was left in the car) you can do the trick from another string and just sit in the car while you do that. The trick, btw, is to sit in the car, put your key in the Faraday pouch, turn the key stub twice as if starting and you will get a warning that the car can't start because the key is missing. You turn it a third time and you will hear a click noise, and you can pull the stub out and use your key. My thanks to @TEST DRyVer who told us how to do that.
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