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Boxster - Whistling noise @ ~50 mph and above?

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I got my Boxster last month and I have noticed that there is this whistling noise coming from what seems to be around the A-pillar when I go at 50 mph or above. It is only noticable when I have the top down and the windows up. It may be there with the windows down, but the wind noise may be blocking it.

It does not sound like either induction noise or any kind of turbo noise. It is also not cavitation from just having one window down with the top up.

My guess it it is something with either a weatherstrip or around the mirror. I don't have PPF on the car.

Is this something anyone has experience before?

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I suspect it is either a mis-aligned piece of rubber or perhaps from the hood. I just wasn't sure if this was a common problem or not.
Mk6 GTIs had a whistling noise due to the door alignment being off. A number of folks had that adjusted during warranty period. Might want to see if that is a cause.
That actually makes a lot of sense, I will suggest that possibility when I get around to bringing it in. I used to have a Mk6 Golf R, luckily I never had that (or any issues) with that car. Thank you!
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Here is a video with the whistle. I know it is difficult to separate the whistle from the wind noise, but if you listen carefully, it is there.


I have already spoken to my local service department and, while they are not aware of a similar issue, they welcomed the opportunity to fix it. I will probably have them address it at the first service.
I couldn't hear it, but maybe I was distracted by the palm trees. I just ordered a set of winter tires for my Boxster, and you are driving under palm trees...
Goes with the territory...literally! lol
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