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Boxster window won't stay up with roof up

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Hi All,

I am a new owner of a 2017 Boxster S (2.5 weeks). It had no issue when I got it, but on the weekend it started having an issue with the passenger window when the roof is up. Basically it seems to think there is a problem when it moves to the up position and lower a few inches. I noticed this first when putting the roof up. At the end of the roof up phase, it automatically closes the windows, and the passenger window does this and then goes back down a few inches. I tried putting it back up using the auto mode (full press) and it just repeats the same issue. I had to use small presses to get it as far up as I could before it goes down itself.

I saw elsewhere on the forum there is a reset procedure, but this seems to require the window be in the full up position with the butting pressed, and mine won't do that (unless the roof is down). Is there a procedure I can do to reset this issue? Or is it back to the dealer to sort it out?


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The reset is to pull and hold the button so the window goes up and hold it for at least 3-5sec after the window is up..
So you must hold the button for the whole closing cycle and 3-5 after the windows is closed.
Try it with roof up or down and see if it helps
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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