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Brake Issues, dealer won’t fix.

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Hi all,

Very frustrated. Picked up a 2017 Cayman S 6 months ago CPO. Recently have had many issues with the brakes as they are grinding to a halt (sounds like metal on metal). Took it to the dealer for full inspection. They came back saying the previous owner must have cooked the brakes and although they are have lots of thickness they must be replace and threw me a $2.5k quote. The car has 17k miles. I called the original dealership that CPOd it, they offered parts “at cost”which still amount to $1500. Anyone else had an issue like this? It’s ridiculous to have to replace brakes at 18k miles especially having just bought the car with a “CPO” declaration.
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@Audience realise that with fcpeuro you will have to pay for the shipping to them for the return. for heavy items like rotors this might be cost prohibitive which is why it's easy for them to give such a waranty.
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