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Bought them a few months ago in anticipation for upcoming track days here in Az for my 17' CS. Low and behold a driver with TMB's rear ended my baby which is probably going to be totaled out. All from the Tire Rack- 19" front and rear Oz Leggera HLT in bright racing grey. Fronts are 19x8.5 with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 235/40R19 and rears 19x10 with same tires 265/40R19. I paid Tire Rack to have them heat treated for better track performance and had TPM installed. I live in Chandler, Az so prefer local. Total cost me $3688.00 so taking offers. If I knew how to post pictures I Would. P.S., they come with Porsche branded tire storage covers. They have about 6 miles on them, I installed them to make sure the TPM's worked correctly (they do) then removed them and placed into Porsche storage bags.
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