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BS and CGTS back to back

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The CGTS was in to have the wheels swapped over for the summer and to have the hand brake actuator changed - it had failed from new. The latter meant that the car was in for a couple of days and I had a 68 reg (Sept 18 to March 19 registered) BS as a courtesy car.

On driving off from the OPC I immediately felt a lot more urgency in both normal and Sport mode. Clearly, being mechanically kind to a cold engine I wasn't even putting my foot down but the urgency of the S was totally different to the GTS. It was striking how much difference there was. It was noticably "nervous" (in a good way) than the supposedly more powerful GTS. It's willingness to move was so positive and different. It felt like the turbo was primed from a lower rpm holding the revs when accelerating. Having said that the PDK change up revs are higher than in the GTS.

Also, the external sound (PSE) was completely different on start up and when warm. I have the sound actuator disabled (fuse) which shouldn't affect the exterior baffles I believe - or does it?

Some parameters.
My GTS has the petrol particulate filter fitted which I don't know whether the S had.
I've driven like Ms Daisy for the first 3000 miles and when putting my foot down it was only with the engine and working parts properly warmed up.

The S had over 1000 miles on the clock versus the GTS at over 3000 miles
The S is the OPCs demonstrator and courtesy car.

Any thoughts?
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