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Bump - S.F. Bay Area owners registry Meet and Greet

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Zuffenhouse and I have been trying to get a meet and greet and possible drive for 2018 and that never happened, so we are trying for Sunday, March 17, 2019 for those of you that may want to join in.

We had a tentative plan to have the meet and greet at Starbucks at Serramonte Mall in Daly City say around 8:00am. then decide on a drive and maybe lunch somewhere.

The link below is of the original thread in which some people showed some interest.

I will let Zuffenhouse chime in on this as well and hopefully we call all get together.

Here are the members that showed some interest.

Hope we can all get together this year.

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That sounds like fun....please add me to the list and I'll check March's schedule to see if that date might work. Thanks for making the effort.
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