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Busy Weekend

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Installed Zunsport grilles up front, Radiator Grill Store protection on the sides, body color side vent covers and. TWL carbon fiber rear ducktail spoiler

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1. What brand side intake scoop is that? How was the Install?
  • The side scoop is from Car Toys Direct in Florida - they do the painting prior to shipping; the install is simple using a 3M automotive body tape which comes pre-affixed to the scoop but I recommend practicing before you adhere because you only get one chance to do it correctly
2. Does the Duck tail spoiler still operate up and down? How was the install?
  • The ducktail is from TWL and it attaches to the existing extension arms so it does operate the same as the OEM; the install was easy for me as I am well tooled and capable but in my opinion anyone with a little confidence in their ability could do it...you need a star tool, T sockets; the slightly tricky part is making the subtle adjustments to how the adapter brackets sit on the OEM arms so that the margins are perfect when the spoiler is retracted
Please feel free to reach out with any other questions or images you might want to see.
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Looks fantastic! All of the mods work well together.

How secure are the side vents with just the tape? Would think wind resistance at highway speeds could be a factor but maybe the tape is stronger than I think.
The install on the side vents is solid...that 3M adhesive tape is typical for the automotive manufacturers. I have been well over highway speed and no problems.
Not sure as I have not had any service done since my installation of the Zunsport product.

Here is what I know...Porsche USA is based in Atlanta, as am I ...so I have friends that work for Porsche...they hold to a corporate mantra that Porsche engineering is perfect and cannot be improved upon, ergo...any enhancement is a fault to the original engineering.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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