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Buying extended warranty & wheel/tire package

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I would like opinions on competive prices for an extended warranty and tire/wheel. Are they worth it? Any other package I should consider? I normally wait to buy extended warranties, so I can shop around various dealers for the best price. Any ideas are appreciated. Thx
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Porsche only offers extended factory warranty on certified used cars in the U.S. you can get a third party warranty from Porsche on a new one.
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Beware, read the warranty very carefully and make the salesman sign any BS claims he/she makes. Remember the dealer gets a cut of the sale, however the insurance company enforces the claims and is with any insurance company they will try to deny the claim if they can.
Over the last few weeks 2020 has written about his experience trying to get coverage on the tire/wheel extended warranty. Before opting for it you should read about what he went through. His thread is titled "Need some advice." Don't read it right before going to bed as it will give you nightmares.
I've done extensive research on aftermarket warranties. I've learned one very important bit of information: Don't buy an extended warranty based on cost. Buy a warranty that has mostly positive reviews when it comes to paying out. All of them have haters and negative reviews, you have to sift through the junk to find o e that has more positive than negative, especially when it comes to compensation on a claim. Porsche has its own that's excellent! After a months research for my my wifes BMW X5, I chose to go with one called... dang it! I can't think of the name right now, pm me and I'll find it for you. They've already paid out over $12k in repairs over the last year with NO questions asked... Porsche and Nissan both have one called Quality Guard Plus. They have a really good reputation. The people that know The most are your Porsche Service Advisors. They're the ones that deal with approving or denying claims based on the warranty companies. They know best... I'd ask for their advice. I still can't think of the name of the one I have...


I just remembered! CNA National Warranty. That's who I have. EXCELLENT! I've already done all the homework for you...
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Thanks for the advice......does CNA also cover damaged wheels and tires? I’ve never had a warranty for wheels/tires but I know Porsche wheels aren’t cheap. My firend didn’t get it for his Macan, but they don’t have low profile tires.

Edit.....i see that CNA offers wheel/tire packages
My thoughts on extended warranties and wheel/tire warranties. For the former they would not offer it if they thought it would be needed. So I would not get that. For the latter, I think it really depends on the wheels you have and where you drive. If you have 20" wheels and the roads you drive on are bad then it might be worth it. But if you've got 18" wheels and hardly ever see a pothole then I don't think it is worth it.
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Had wheel and tire warranty on my previous Boxster, have it on my 718 Cayman. On my Boxster, I had the RR tire get a nail in twice within two months. Warranty took care of it. So in my case, it was worth it.
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i got it for my wife when she scrapes the heck out of the wheel on her car when parallel parking... i don't need it :)
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