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Bye BGTS. Hello 911 GTS

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I joined this forum when I purchased a base 718 Boxster before pandemic, and learned many tricks and ideas from all of you.

Later I traded it for a BGTS, and thought I had my last Porsche, with all I needed.

Well...Life is unpredictable.

Even after reading dozens of posts and articles about 911 x 718 (with no conclusion), I booked a driving experience at Los Angeles Porsche Center, during an incredible strong rain, in a 911. That changed everthing. I really enjoyed it.

Just picked my 911 Carrera GTS and really sad to say goodbye to 718 family and this forum.

Thanks to all for inspiration during the last 3 years.

And leave to all a phrase I learned to be true : "the best Porsche is the next Porsche".

Take care
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Congratulations beautiful Porsche and super fast lots of horsepower. With 3.2 seconds to 60 you don’t need to upgrade the engine as most 718 owners always needed more horsepower upgrades. You got it.👍🏻
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