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Bye BGTS. Hello 911 GTS

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I joined this forum when I purchased a base 718 Boxster before pandemic, and learned many tricks and ideas from all of you.

Later I traded it for a BGTS, and thought I had my last Porsche, with all I needed.

Well...Life is unpredictable.

Even after reading dozens of posts and articles about 911 x 718 (with no conclusion), I booked a driving experience at Los Angeles Porsche Center, during an incredible strong rain, in a 911. That changed everthing. I really enjoyed it.

Just picked my 911 Carrera GTS and really sad to say goodbye to 718 family and this forum.

Thanks to all for inspiration during the last 3 years.

And leave to all a phrase I learned to be true : "the best Porsche is the next Porsche".

Take care
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Enjoy the GTS. There are many flavors of Porsche sports cars to enjoy and variety in life is a good thing. You name it I’ve tried it and enjoyed every single one.
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