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Can someone explain the basics of the 2018 and 2019 infotainment options?

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Android (Samsung Galaxy S9) phone user here, looking to buy either a new (but sitting on dealers lot for a while) 2018 Cayman GTS or a lightly used/low mileage 2018...and the mix of the various options, esp as it relates to an Android user, is very confusing. The local car that I am looking at (2018 Cayman GTS) has option 7UG (Nav) and QH1 Voice control. I know that there is also Porsche Connect and Connect Plus as well as CarPlay options. I'm not sure what can be added or enabled post manufacturing. What I know is this, please correct and/or expand on this if you can:

Porsche doesn't support Android Auto (maybe in the future), therefore no display on the main nav screen or small instrument panel when driving..ie. maps/nav.

You can do the above with an Apple phone and the optional CarPlay option. But must be connected via USB cable, not BT.

I can connect my Android phone via BT for handsfree calls.

Connect offers more built in apps as well as apps on your phone, but there are differences with Apple vs. Android features.

Connect Plus adds an LTE hotspot to the car for both general wi-fi use, but also drives some added data connectivity for built in functions, but not clear what those are.

I'm getting close to moving to a short list of cars across the nation I want to make offers on and want to narrow it down using must have vs. nice to have options and the connectivity concerns me as this is a car I expect to have for a long time. I might be willing to change to Apple phone, but that still doesn't fix things if certain options are not on car and/or can't be added. I'm also aware of the SDK Auto box that can be added and that might work too, but want to understand the basics from Porsche first. Please direct me to other sources if this has already been asked/explained.
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I am in a similar situation and will do something to add Android connectivity when my car eventually arrives because Porsche will likely not have provided it by then and I will not be changing to Apple... ever! ?
Best of luck! Please report any progress you have made. I threw in the towel last year...

Some info which might be useful:

At least for the iPhone, there are two useful (...) apps, the Porsche Connect and the Porsche Car Connect. I subscribe to both and pay the Infotainment and Navigation ransom (at least for another year).

What do I get?

Porsche Connect gives me a very convoluted way to achieve Voice Commands for Navigation. I don't have the Voice Module.

I can have Siri, or Google Assistant bring up Porsche Connect. I then have to press the Search input line to get a keyboard and press the microphone symbol for a Voice Input. Assuming that it found what I want, I then have to touch the Star symbol to save the destination in the Favorite POIs (Points of Interest).

I then have to press the NAV button on the infotainment, bring up the maps, press the screen and use the right radio control to navigate to the Phone's POIs, select it, and then scroll down (hopefully is the first) to get the destination selected. You either need a Navigator, or you will kill yourself due to inattention to where you are going.

Porsche expects you to get off the road to accomplish this feat... Voice Controls is not the Porsche way...

The Porsche Car Connect is a separate pay service provided by Vodafone. It accesses your car via the Data SIM card (I have a T-mobile card rather than the Porsche ATT, I'll get back to that). It can tell you the present mileage, the ignition status, the amount of fuel you have left, the range, can find your car on the map, can do a whole bunch of operations (horn, lights etc) which I haven't tried because I didn't want to scare anybody in the garage I was using for parking.

The feature I like a lot (and used always) is the Geo-Fencing. You set a Geo-Fence perimeter and you get notified every time the car gets in and out of the fenced area. So you know if the parking attendant is having Ferris Buehler's day off with your Porsche, you know where he is at present (it shows on the map) and you can guide the police to the Porsche with the flashing lights and the screaming horn. I wish the notification was a bit louder though...

Back to the SIM card. The car has one embedded in the Infotainment system. My experience is that it is slow. It also does not allow any other phones/tablets/computers to connect to the onboard Porsche WLAN. Porsche offers for just over $100 to give you an ATT card with limited (but adequate) data and connectivity via WiFi for a few more devices. For my own reasons, I got T-Mobile to give me a card for about the same price (it takes the big 1/2" cards). My wife can happily connect to the Internet and book hotel rooms, facials etc while I am having a good time in the twisties. You can use your phone as a hot-spot (I tried it and it works, but I couldn't be bothered.

CarPlay not only does not use Bluetooth, it will rudely disconnect any other phones/tablets/computers using BT for whatever reason. I tried and discarded the option of using an old iPhone for this reason. I would lose the BT connectivity for my main phone.

So I threw in the towel and got an iPhone8, which I hate and will hate for eternity. I run Linux at home... &^%$^$pple...

Last ditch possibility.

If you are looking at a Used/CPO Porsche, you might as well forget an Android compatible PCM. If it ever happens, the transition/conversion will be excruciatingly expensive (like buying a new PCM unit for a few thousand or re chipping the existing PCM for a few hundred and another few hundred in labor.

The one thing I haven't experimented with is having a tablet doing screen mirroring in WiFi with the Smartphone in my pocket. I could then run Android Auto (?) or the apps directly (?) with the Smartphone Google Assistant/Voice commands. If anyone gets decent operability, please report.

Good luck
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It can be done. I have read this thread before. I do not posses the ability to do this. I would have to hire someone (preferably with familiarity with Porsche Caymans-not cheap), so I'd be heading North of $1k.

Although I don't like iPhones and their GUI, I don't dislike them to do surgery in my Cayman and its PCM. Imagine that you fry the PCM for whatever reason, related or unrelated to the Android mod. You think that Porsche will warrant it?
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