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Hello Folks,
I just joined this group . I owned a 2013 981 boxster PDK car, PSE with Std suspension for almost 6 years . I liked it but did not love it as much as i thought I will . the ride was a little rough even on 18" wheels on std suspension and pse can drone sometimes but it had great flat 6 sound .

I also did not feel it gripped as well as my current 991 4s cpo cabriolet but my 911 cab is not as exciting or nimble to drive as a mid engine porsche. I like the 991 comfort and traction but i miss the mid engine feel and sportiness. I am ok to give up the back seat for work bag etc . I finally test drove a bare bones 2018 Boxster GTS and wow it did feel very sporty , fun handling and nimble . The 718 GTS was superior to my 2013 981 boxster S in terms of handling and comfort . The sound was not bad either and i heard 2019 GTS sound was improved.

Bottomline : 911's are great but i prefer the look and handling feel of boxster and in cab form i really like Boxster

The car I drove was a black GTS and although I dislike black and dark blue colors due to maintnenance the black GTS boxster with black wheels i drove was stunning.

I decided to replace 991 4S cab with GTS boxster and my must haves are
1) PDK and Alcantara interior with alcantara wheel
2) Powered 18 way memory seats, heated wheel, LCA , entry and drive ,prem package and LEDs/PDLS

I can never seem to find a new or slightly used GTS in black/chalk/white with my must have options so I might have to order and have few q's

1) Can orders still be placed for 2019 GTS or is it going to be 2020 with different motor( flat -6) ? not keen on Spyder because of the roof
2) I did not drive a GTS with PASM sport suspension but I read on this forum that it is identical in comfort to regular pasm on 20" wheels in normal mode but SPASM handling is superior , is this true?
3) Is the PSE sound on 2019 GTS different than 2018 GTS?

Please let me know if I need to consider anything else when figuring out a 718 GTS

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I work for Porsche of Hilton Head in South Carolina. You cannot order any more 982 variants for 2019, but if you send me a build, I can try to locate one for you. I also have a killer build on a 2018 Boxster GTS that's been our showroom model for 19 months. We're trying to find it a home.

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Just a couple of thought... you can order one a GTS .. but there is no chance at this moment in time when you will get it , however you are going to be looking at 2020 for sure , as there is a stop dale on them at this moment, due to round 2 of the car friendly organisation called The WLTA. One of the reasons the car at this time cannot be sold ( within the next month) must be registered, is due to the new law on exhaust noise , this is going to be restricted to 76db ... I think a cayman when in sports mode with PSE pushes out 100db or close to . I think companies have found away round the petrol particular participle thingy , to improve noise , however would seem a waste of time now.

As for a Flat six going in is anyone’s guess as at the moment none as far as I’m aware have passed round 2 of the WLTA.. testing. This same issue happened within a month of picking up a Macan GTS.. so I was lucky , I believe in the US car where left on the docks for months until they where signed off by the USA emissions authority, personally I would buy a second hand one ,if you can’t get new , who knows what is round the corner for sports cars , but I feel the system is closing in on our liberty.

All this of course is with some speculation, however some is not.

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So looks like no one can place an order for 19 or 20 boxster GTS in USA
I don't want to contradict what's already been said much, but I'll do my best to supply some context:

  • 2019s of any 718 model are no longer being built. The first 2020 models should be rolling out of the factories now.
  • That said, the factories typically go on a month-long vacation hiatus starting next week. That means that, considering the stop-sale that exists the first 2020s, no one is likely to see a 2020 model in a little while.
  • Like most larger auto manufacturers, Porsche consolidates regulation-mandated features on models sold worldwide, partially in anticipation of similar regulations taking hold in other markets. WLTA Round 2 is an example of this. U.S. cars will almost certainly conform to this standard, even though it is EU-mandated -- the precedent is WLTA Round 1 last year, which also delayed the delivery of certain models to U.S. shores by about a month.
  • Orders are based on available dealer allocations, which are assigned based on past sales at that dealership, organized per month, and come available in the beginning of the month previous to the allocation month. That means, for a car scheduled to be built in August, the allocation month would be July, and dealers can lock in allocation builds in early June. This system helps control production flow so that Porsche doesn't overbuild or underbuild models - particularly custom orders.
  • I'm not familiar with where WLTA Round 2 has Porsche's model lineup positioned beyond what's already been said. However, if Porsche is having difficulty conforming its engines to the standard at this stage, the delay for 2020s to reach the U.S. could be significant. A revised exhaust system will almost certainly require a new round of CARB/Federal emissions testing for the 718's engines, and that will take time to implement, as well, because, like with WLTA Round 1, there will likely be a months-long backlog of testing to be done because of poor manufacturer planning. VW AG, Porsche's parent company, was unfortunately in one of the worst positions in this regard because of Dieselgate fallout, among other reasons.
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