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Car Connect out of Sync

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The mileage reading on my iPhone Car Connect App isn’t the same as what is shown on the odometer. It is off by about 800 miles. Everything else appears to working fine with the Car Connect app (location, door lock, fuel gauge, range, etc.). I tried pushing the refresh button on the App’s mileage Page to no avail. Anybody else experience this? Any idea on how to get the App to show the correct mileage reading? It is a 2018 Boxster Base.
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I think all these remote options require more than 1 second press to work! I find the horn button very useful in the Texas shopping mall parking areas. It is very difficult to spot the low lying crocodile among the monstrous SUVs and extended cab trucks, even if you are 2-3 cars away. The 'take me to my car' feature is great, but sometimes it isn't granular enough to show the next aisle of parking or whether the car is hiding 2-3 trucks down the aisle.

I used the Geo-Fencing when I had a parking space in Manhattan. I am not anal enough to Geo-Fence the valet parking when we go (or used to go pre-Covid-19) to restaurants. But it's there if I choose to...
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It will show whether it is locked or unlocked, but no button to lock it.

In another panel you have the ability to make the lights flash or to ring the alarm, by pressing horn or flash button for more than a second.
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