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Car Connect out of Sync

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The mileage reading on my iPhone Car Connect App isn’t the same as what is shown on the odometer. It is off by about 800 miles. Everything else appears to working fine with the Car Connect app (location, door lock, fuel gauge, range, etc.). I tried pushing the refresh button on the App’s mileage Page to no avail. Anybody else experience this? Any idea on how to get the App to show the correct mileage reading? It is a 2018 Boxster Base.
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It will show whether it is locked or unlocked, but no button to lock it.
The Car Connect App also shows if a door or window is open too ...but no usefully functional button to close the window. Risk-politic madness no doubt.

Just as for the unlocked icon above one has to then actually go back to the car and, once within FOB range, complete that which was not originally done. Somebody could STILL get their darned fingers caught in the closing window action... so why the unwelcome lack of such useful functionality? Surely it's not rocket science or beyond reason?

The Car Connect App's button to fold the mirrors is also a waste of functionality if the mirrors are in any case set to 'fold on locking' in the MFD options. How DID we get away with being given/sold/miss-sold that pointless redundancy against the usual risk-politic of someone nearby fainting with fright possibly launching a punitive class action or lawsuit :-/

As for "It is very difficult to spot the low lying crocodile among the monstrous SUVs and extended cab trucks..."
In those situations one bends down to look through underneath the monstrous SUVs' massive ground clearances to spot your favourite low lying crocodile ;-)
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