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Car Connect out of Sync

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The mileage reading on my iPhone Car Connect App isn’t the same as what is shown on the odometer. It is off by about 800 miles. Everything else appears to working fine with the Car Connect app (location, door lock, fuel gauge, range, etc.). I tried pushing the refresh button on the App’s mileage Page to no avail. Anybody else experience this? Any idea on how to get the App to show the correct mileage reading? It is a 2018 Boxster Base.
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I always wished my cayman had those features... until I got to experience them on our macan

Paid the annual fee for the features, but I have to call just about every other month to have them fix it. Says my subscription is expired... once this next renewal comes up, I’m out! It’s clunky, a PITA and doesn’t do nearly what CarPlay can. Native navigation is nice, but that’s where my love for porsche connect ends.
Two words for Porsche Connect team.... "Apple CarPlay"

Wait... two more words for when my subscription is over, "ITS OVER"!

CarPlay does everything better and is free!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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