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Cargraphic Sport Catalytic 200 cells

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someone have change this:


Does anyone have experience? Has the sound improved/increased?
Different performances?

Best regards

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What a coinsedence , i installed the catless version on my GTS 2 days ago , i had to do some cutting in the heatshield to make it fit, but i like the sound, deaper and a little more metallic.
I also did a stage 2 flasch so 450 hp and 550 nm does feel great. shaved of app 2 sec 100-200 km/h
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Did you go with Ehresmann stage 2 package?
No, i did the flasch in a norway, but i belive they use the same wholesaler as Ehresman https://www.alientech-news.com/en/k-suite3-02/ for both flasching tools and software, a lot of tuning companys use them.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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