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718 Cayman base model turning into RS
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Hi all
So I collected my modified Cayman today from Regal Autosport in Southampton. This time they fitted my 3rd radiator and water/methanol kit to help keep temps down when it’s working hard (track days etc).
As a bonus, the cooler intake temps took power up from 385bhp to 400bhp and torque from 350 lb/ft to 378 lb/ft.
The car feels amazing and water / oil temps are noticeably lower. I am very pleased and can’t wait to try the car out at the next track day at Castle Combe.
I cannot recommend Regal enough so if you are considering tuning your car, improving suspension, cooling or brakes -and you are based in the south of England - give them a ring.
full spec now includes:
400bhp 378lb/ft base Cayman 2.0 litre
HJS 200cell race cat, Regal Autosport stage 2 tuning
Ohlins road and track suspension with GT4 setup
Brembo large disks, ds2500 pads, braided hoses, race fluid
3rd front radiator from GTS models
Snows water/methanol injection kit
Porsche Carrera 20”wheels MPS4s tyres
Race dynamics 18” track wheels Kumho V700 track tyres
I’ve probably forgotten a few things lol
Any questions happy to answer.
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