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Cayman does not unlock

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After sitting for a few days my 2018 718 key-less entry does not work: I press the unlock button, and the front and back unlock and nothing happens. I have to remove the emergency key from the fob and open the car manually (primitive eh?). If I unlock it within a few hours of doing this, it works fine. Does anyone else have this problem?
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The keyless entry not working after an elapsed time period is one thing but you shouldn't need to resort to using the emergency key, the fob should work just fine. The only time I've ever needed to use an emergency key was when my wife retrieved something from the glove box of my old 987 Cayman & inadvertently left the glove box open. This resulted in a constant drain on the battery due to the light being on which flattened it.
On my 987 I have to use the key to open the door if I have used the car in over a week. At that point the remote is no longer recognized until I unlock the door with the key first. I would think there is a similar time period where systems turn off after a while and you would have to use a key to get things started again. I haven't left the 718 for more than a few days so I can't confirm this, so it is just a hunch.
By the way, instead of putting your key in the lock when your 987 has been left for a while, try lifting the door handle & then using the fob. You're correct that to save battery life the car goes into sleep mode but lifting the door handle should awaken it (it did on mine anyway). ;)
Interesting about lifting the door handle. I'll try that next time!
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