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Hi all,
I owned a Miami Blue on Barcelona, which I bought it 2017 on Germany.
I really enjoy it on mountain roads and track.
I used to make trackdays and its a quite effective tool for that. I use to be close or faster than 997 gt3 mk1 and 997 turbo.
My car brings backets and pccb, I just modified brake lines and K&N filter.
Its is difficult to find semi slicks on 20”. I destroyed sport 4S on circuit, cause temperature, even I just run 3-4 laps, so now I wear Sport Cup 2. I hope works better, and I will test it on Catalunya circuit 12 April.
I’m looking for some upgrades, but I dont want to expend too much money, so I have doubts between exhaust(downpipe) or suspension(kw). I am afraid to tune engine and loose warranty.
Thanks all


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Hi Felip,

You are nearly living next door :) and for me it is located on the safer side of the Pyrenees, even with the speed limits changing in Spain.
Drove some fantastic roads around the parc nacional d'aigüestortes in autumn last year.

Miami Blue is beautiful!
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