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Center counsole switch place holders

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I've got a 2019 BC and there are 3 non-dedicated switch fillers on the left and 2 on the right (located aft of the shifter). I've attempted to configure various 718 variants to see if any options add active switches. I haven't found any yet. Does anyone have more than 5 functional switches? I know the Boxster top down/up function fills the center. Five placeholders on the side seems excessive if there is no opportunity to fill them or are they using this design in other models that have more function by switches there? Just curious.
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I've had the smokers package lid get stuck from overfilling too. Usually 4-5 light taps on the lid will shift the coins around, so I can get enough clearance to push to unlatch the lid. Since it's happened more than a few times, now I'm pretty careful how full I load the 'change bin'. Usually 2 flat stacks of quarters.
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