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Chalk Interior

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Does anyone have experience with keeping clean the Chalk Interior? Does blue jeans/dark clothing stain the chalk leather? My freeze date is in a couple of weeks and I'm debating the interior color.
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I doubt the jeans or anything would stain the interior, but if anything, I guess you could give it a wipe down every now and then with a leather cleaner just for maintenance safe measure?
I have oyster interior in BMW. While that's not chalk, dye transfer was something I was concerned with when I got it two years ago. I had read several forum posts regarding it. I wear jeans everyday so I'm wary of it. The best advice I received was to treat it with a leather barrier a couple of times a year and to use Weiman Leather Wipes often. I've followed this advice and I've not had any issue with dye transfer.
I have the chalk with sport-tex, when making my build I asked my dealer about this and he told me "yeah it can happen but you can use some wipes every once in a while, but if in doubt bring it here and we will do it for you" lol.

So far I can't see any problem, but I've only had it for a couple of weeks anyway.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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