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Changing wheel and tire size

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I am thinking about changing from the 20" wheels to a 19" wheel set (OEM) and then going with an all-season tire. I have found that I would have to go up one size , from 235/40 to 245/40 front, and 265/40 to 275/40 rear. Would I have any fit or clearance problems?
Thanks in advance.
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New guy here on my first Porsche.

I’ve got an 2018 718 on 20” wheels and a colleague is offering some 18” alloys from a 987.

Is it possible to swap the 20” wheels for these and stick some winter tires on?
Thank you

yep, no ceramic brakes

the wheels appear to be genuine porsche alloys rather than after market, although I'm not exactly knowledgeable yet ;)

In terms of tyres is there such a thing as N rated winter tyres. I'm hoping that regular ones will do because in the snow/ice I won't exactly be pushing the car anywhere near its limit.

I'm expecting the tyre pressure monitoring to stop working and then restart when I put the original wheels back. Is that correct or is there some reprogramming needed?

Thanks in advance

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