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Cleaning black exhaust tips.

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Hi 718anites,

What do you guys recommend for cleaning black exhaust tips. I gave the car a wash but the tips dull with what looks like a thin veneer of dust baked on. I’m hoping to the restore them to their factory shine but don’t want to scrub too hard as to scratch/damage the paintwork. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I have less than 3000 miles on my 2018 Cayman so I just clean the tips with a small microfibre towel and car shampoo as part of the regular wash cycle. The small towel is dedicated for this.

On my 2014 Cayman, I did the same. But I occasionally sprayed the tips with 409 stone/steel cleaner, let it sit a bit and then washed it off. Once, I used Bee's Wax furniture polish that I use on granite countertops and stainless steel appliances but was worried about any possible issues when it got hot. It looked great but I did the 409/shampoo wash immediately thereafter to try to remove it just in case.

I am curious, for those of you who have waxed the tips, any issues with the heat?
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