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Cleaning/Waxing CS

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Just cleaned my CS for the first time and have a few questions. I washed and waxed the car and realized the next day I did not deploy the spoiler to clean under it. When I did elevate the spoiler man there was quite a bit of dirt trapped under it.
My question can you leave the spoiler up when power washing the 718 or is that not advisable? I read on a 911 posting* on Rennlist that you get water in the engine compartment.....does that make any sense? That statement seem odd either that or you can't drive in the rain.

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I always deploy the rear wing so that I can wash under there. Gets dirty otherwise. I've been in a couple of real downpours with zero issues wing up or down.
I tend to avoid using pressure washing on "sensitive" areas but there should be no issue washing there with a mitt or microfiber and using a low pressure rinse.
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