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Comparison of Cayman v 911 Ride

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I currently own a Cayman S (on steel springs, no PASM) with 20' wheels. Considering this is a sports car I'd consider the suspension firm but not uncomfortable.

I'm looking at 911 Carrera Ts - unfortunately there are none available near me.

For those who have driven these cars - would you consider a Carrera T (with SPASM on 20" wheels) in comfort mode, more or less comfortable than a steel sprung Cayman on 20" wheels ?
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T hasn’t disappointed but the Cayman remains the better looking car.

Ride is terrific even with 20’s but the CGTS will be faster round a track.


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Absolutely, more GT.

The Cayman is remarkable, particularly on track, 100% sports car. You can’t beat mid engined.

The 991.2 is an event in T form but definitely more GT car until you light it up.

On the twisties with RWS the T transforms into something close to a CGTS with that incredible pivot as the PTV and PASM do their thing. There’s no hiding that rear engine placement though.

Wish I could have both.
I thought the "T" has less insulation to make it lighter. So I thought it would be noisier than the base Carrera. I saw a couple advertised for a great price but I didn't check them out because I thought there would be more road noise & I don't like the strap door opener.
Negligible weight saving.

Combination of less sound insulation, thinner glass and other tweaks make the T 6MT feel more analogue, noisy, mechanical and involving. Strap door openers are “marmite” you either love or hate them.

The narrow body is proving a bonus though not much difference to other models.

Cayman GTS 1,801mm, 991 T 1,808mm, 992, 991 GT3 & GT3RS 1,852mm,
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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