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Considering selling my CS to Carmax, (how) do I recoup prepaid maintenance?

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I'm thinking about selling my 2018 718 Cayman S and probably to Carmax. I purchased a 2-year 20k-mile prepaid maintenance plan when I purchased my car new for $920 and have not had a 2-year service yet. Is there a way to recoup the cost of the maintenance plan somehow? Can I get it refunded from Porsche NA or the dealer? Or perhaps transfer to another party?
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I know about this....
Bought my '07 from Carmax, 8k miles, as new. Only found out about the 4 year pre-paid maintenance when I took it to the dealer for a recall. Just like the warranty, it follows the car. Carmax knew nothing about it. Also had the Porsche battery maintainer in the frunk, which they never even mentioned....
Dealing with Carmax was a breeze and I paid about 35% off list. You should post how much they propose to give for your car.
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Your only mistake is believing everything you read here! ; ^)
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