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My 718 Boxster had a malfunctioning wheel speed sensor which needed to go back to the dealership to have a replacement sensor fitted.

I got the car back on Thursday. I only opened the frunk today (Saturday) and noticed that the dealership had left the plastic box in the frunk containing the towing lug/toolbox/etc open with the contents all unpacked.

I packed everything away, but when I looked in the toolbox I noticed there were 4 holes, but only 2 instruments (a screwdriver and a spanner).

I checked the manual: Page 141 | 2017-2018 718 Boxster Manual | Porsche iManuals

But it just says there is a toolbox. Not what the contents are supposed to be.

Would someone be able to check their 718 to see what is in their toolbox to make sure there are only supposed to be 2 instruments despite having 4 holes/slots in the toolbox?

Thanks in advance!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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