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Anyone ever get a coolant smell on a hot day.Its not leaking that I can see.but it stinks. No light.Only happen today.
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Truth be told I'm somewhat relieved to hear there are some others having this occur. Makes me think it may be normal for these engines. Let me explain. I too had/have the occasional coolant smell over the past few years. I've tried to find a leak and did discover a small drip inside the passenger wheel well. Turns out this came from an overtightened cap, which was replaced and the leak stopped. I then caught another whiff a few months later, but no detectable leaks were found after putting the car up on jacks. I took it to the dealer last month who said the reservoir was overfilled (my fault). They said there are no other leaks they could find, reservoir sensor or otherwise. BTW, don't believe the owners manual about how to top up (cold - up to MAX line). If there are no leaks or warning messages, don't touch it. For those of you like me who like to play with the details a lot, fight the urge in this case. It results in overfilling per the dealer. I still catch a whiff once in a while, but there are no leaks to be seen. Punch line is the dealer found no leaks and with the overfilled diagnosis said the system can be picky and may discharge some coolant in the normal course, particularly if overfilled, hence the smell. For my part the only undetectable leak would be from the water side of the ICAC direct to the intake, but then I would expect the OBD to throw a code on the O2 side. If it ain't broke don't fix it. If nothing else I made a service record with the dealer visit.
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