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How do you find out about these things? I wouldn't mind going to one, especially in the Hill Country, Austin, even Houston!...:rolleyes:
Found the following doing an online search:
Stumbled upon my first C&C when exiting COTA for lunch during WRC race weekend. It appeared as if the car gods had dumped all the cars from a Hemmings Motor News onto the parking lot...pretty much anything and everything. An enormous turnout (cars & viewers), but I don't know if this is the norm, since it was a race weekend.

I doubt the C&C in San Antonio is anywhere near as large. Regardless, I will report my findings after dropping by on the way to the Longhorn PCA Tech Session held at Porsche of San Antonio this Saturday between 9-11.

The next COTA C&C is Jan 19, 2020. Weather permitting, I may attend.

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@Viffermike will attend
@chester7 will attend
@DriveInHouston will attend
@call 911
@Treemagnet will attend

We discussed a Texas Forum Members Get Together (GTG) with a possible venue the COTA Cars & Coffee. At the time I suggested to wait until closer to the date, to get a better handle on the weather.

Weather Forecast


So it looks like a rather chilly Sunday morning, if the high for the day is 58F it will probably be in the low 40sF around 0900.

Show of hands

Since the purpose is a member GTG, I propose a show of hands as to whether one intends to participate, if the GTG is held. I propose a minimum of 5 takers to proceed with the GTG.

The vote will close by 1700 on Thursday Jan 16, to give ample time to out-of-towners like me to make reservations. Post below if you will attend, and I will maintain a list above.

Info on the event is shown in the link provided by Treemagnet above.


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We plan to attend in Blue Streak II, provided the weather holds...worst case scenario, in the Suburban. ?

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As long as temps are above the mid-30s or so, I'm a go ... so I'm a go!

I'll drive down early Saturday evening and stay overnight. Should we coordinate via phone so we can all park together and 'represent'?

Also: I see that show-lot admission is only $5, goes to charity, and can be pre-paid.How cool would it be to have all of us parked together in the 'reserved' section, eh? Just a suggestion ...
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