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Couple issues, noise and rattles.

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Hi guys,

So couple of things, i know the Cayman's are common for rattles from the rear but have one that isnt to bad but frustrating when music is off, any ideas of what to try, sounds like its from behind passenger seat. ( it doesn't appear to be seat belt)

Also the gearbox can be heard quite loudly when changing gears with the window down, not so much when going but moving around car parks etc, is this normal? Manual btw.

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My Cayman has an annoying rattle that also seems to be coming from behind the passenger seat. I tightened the two bolts holding the privacy cover but that did not seem to address the issue. If there are some additional things to try, I would like to do so before taking the car to the dealer. The car does not have PSE.
No, but I know what you are talking about and have fixed that rattle before. This rattle is present even with a passenger strapped in and the clip in the correct location.
Great suggestions - I will try them out and see if any of these eliminate the rattle.

On the gearshift noise, I could hear the "click, click" on my 981 when stopped near a wall or other surface such as in a car park but never thought of that as a problem. I have not noticed it to be as loud on the 982 but I have not yet been in similar conditions with the windows down.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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