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2021 Boxster Order Placed ETA August 2021 (DD)
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Hello everyone,

Thank you again for all the help, specially considering how we've been undecided as of late regarding where we'll be moving, but my wife and I have FINALLY decided on the Frisco/ Plano area in the Dallas / DFW metro area because that was one of the only options other than NYC and Denver that her work would allow us to move...

That being said, I've been doing some research regarding ceramic coating and PPF in the area, as well as car washes, but would really appreciate any help in terms of where to get it done and who to get it done from. I called the Plano Porsche dealership and they referred me to Apex detailing, but they're charging a little bit too much, although the coating that they quoted is really comprehensive as well ($1,950). Has anyone used them before? Is there any other preferred detail shop that or car wash area that you recommend? We're getting our Boxster and should hopefully hear about our order confirmation soon, so will definitely share that!

We couldn't decide on a specific car wash/detail shop that would provide something like a weekly wash at a membership or lower cost as each wash was equivalent to detailing at approximately 125 to 150. Would you recommend getting PPF done on all of the car instead of ceramic coating? Please note that this is going to be our only car for a few years until we get another one, and we do drive a lot, approximately 35 to 40,000 miles a year, so protection is a must of course. Will be picking up the Boxster at Atlanta with the PEC, then driving it back to Dallas around July/August. Since we live in an apartment, and will be moving to another apartment, washing the car myself might be a little difficult, though I'll try my best. It will be parked in a covered area/garage though.

Would also appreciate feedback and input regarding SkyHouse at Frisco and Kincaid apartments if anyone has any experience with them.

As always, thank you so much!
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