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Delayed Oil Change

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Hello fellow Porsche drivers,
I’m getting the itch for a drive and the weather is getting nice by us. Unfortunately, the nearest dealer as well as the respected service shops are all closed due to the Coronavirus. I put my car away last fall without changing the oil thinking I’d have it changed in the spring. How bad would it be to drive my Boxster without changing the oil for a while? Put about 4500 miles on it last season and I don’t track it, but I do drive aggressively on the backroads.
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I think Porsche provided official guidance that it's OK to delay your maintenance a month or two until this thing blows over. If you're only putting 4,500 miles on it a year I wouldn't worry about another couple of months' worth of driving.

Do note, though, that many Porsche dealerships are open and may offer home pickup / drop-off service: http://markets.financialcontent.com/stocks/news/read?GUID=39709953
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