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From the manual:

Under certain circumstances it is not possible to display the oil level. The reasons for this include:

Engine is cold
Vehicle has been stopped after full-load operation at high engine speeds
Engine oil temperature is too high
Open rear luggage compartment lid.
A message about this appears on the multifunction display.

Vehicle is level.
The engine is at operating temperature and has been stopped for at least one minute.
This seems to suggest that the engine should not be running when we take a level measurement. It also seems to suggest that the measurement will not be available unless we're at operating temperature.

However, I am able to see an oil level all the time. I turn my ignition on, scroll and select, and it shows the oil level. I start the car with then engine cold, and I get an oil level. While I'm driving with the engine at operating temperature, I can get an oil level.

So the combination of the car and the manual have confused me again. How, exactly, does the oil level measurement work?
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