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Do you feel pdk will be more reliable long term vs manual?

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Many of you know I'm eagerly awaiting the official announcement for the presumed next generation GT4. I love manual transmissions (don't have anything against PDK) but I have to admit, I'm a little concerned about "3rd gear failures". I first heard of this with the previous generation GT4 and now in select 718 manual transmissions. Do our members think or know if the PDK is a more robust set up for long term ownership. As much as I'm craving a manual GT4, if PDK is offered, would it be a "better" choice for the reasons/concerns expressed, (NOT from a performance standpoint)...obviously if a manual is the only choice...I have no choice....Thanks?
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...So sorry to hear. Got to admit I'm surprised (and even more confused!) Perhaps I'll stick with my passion and take my chances with the "3rd gear" in the manual transmission! And thank you for the response/information...?
a single anecdote is useless to determine overall longevity of an entire population of automobiles.
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